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What does Recruiter Experts do?

Recruiter Experts provides companies with a state of the art recruitment systems with our recruiting software fthat is customized to your company and industry.

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Is Recruiter Experts recruiter systems in any large industries?

Yes. Our recruiting software was built by the largest automotive recruitment company in the United States, Dealership Experts. If you would like to see that compnanies iCRM™ in action live select Demo Request at the top of any page.

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What are the top 5 applicant tracking systems?

We are not sure, but confident that our recruiting software is in the top 5 without paying for someone to say we are. Our recruitment systems have been developed privately within an industry for 5 years before being offered to private companies in other industries.

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Why are recruiting software companies pricing models unavailable on their websites?

Most recruitment systems do not disclose pricing because they are simply not affordable to small companies. We have our pricing clearly listed for every company and make recruiting software affordable for a small business yet scaled for a large business.

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Can I see Recruiter Experts recruiter systems without providing a credit card like the others want?

Yes, we are confident and proud of our recruiting software applicant tracking system knowing if you see how it works and know it is affordable, you will become a client.

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Can other recruiting companies view the data we collect?

No, your data is exclusive to your company and is completely encrypted. You select who can see your data.

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What does Recruiter Experts recruitment system do about duplicate entries by applicants?

Our technology eliminates duplicates via our iCRM™ technology. You are able to follow the career life cycle of a candidate with our recruiting software unlike the other recruitment systems available besides Recruiter Experts.

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Is there a volume cap on applicant flow with Recruiter Experts recruiting software?

No there is no volume level too high for our state of the art Smart Servers where we house our secure data within our iCRM™.

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How long will it take to set up recruiting software for my company with 1 - 5 locations throughout the U.S.?

All small business to medium sized business' recruitment systems are set up within 24 hours with no set up fees.

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How can I view the recruiting software system that has the applicant tracking?

You can select Demo Request on the top of each page of our recruiter systems website or simply contact us via phone at 214-628-9494 ext. 1001 and we will schedule an immediate presentation via our secure portal.

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How long will Recruiter Experts store my data?

As long as you are a Recruiter Experts client.

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